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The Mode Theatre closed May 23, 1998. See letter below...

THE MODE THEATRE LIVING ARTS CORPORATION is a not-for-profit organization serving the nation with theatrical productions, educational workshops, and delightful ways to celebrate diversity and life.

The Mode performance schedule is bold, unique, and a wonderful blend of live music, one person performance, and ensemble. Always original and always top-notch. Jinx Davis directs the theatre and performs continuously, engaging her audience to co-create and perform with many of her works. She is always out on the edge, pushing her audience further and further into an understanding of themselves, and having no doubts about her exploration of power, race, gender, class, or the delights of life.

The theatre is intimate, seating approximately one hundred. While the theater is presently in its fifth year, it has already had an attendance of over 38,000. Direct mail postcards and newsletters are used in lieu of advertising to create a dialogue with the patrons.

1998 Season


April 22, 1998

Dear Friends of The Mode Theatre,

Carrying the simultaneous feelings of exuberant joy and heartfelt sorrow The Mode Theatre is announcing its close and our family is moving to the Southwest. We hope that you will be able to join us for a final celebration and tribute to each other and the incredible work that we have co-created. Please join us for a open house and hearts on Saturday, May 23rd from 4:00 - 8:00 pm so that we may greet each other one last time and experience the magic of each other's company.

We leave with resounding gratitude for the support we have received from our friends, fellow artists and musicians, and the depths of the lessons we have learned. As an actress you have provided me with the most honored of all blessings--an audience of intelligence and courage, willing and able to explore the process of life unfolding. Our relationship has been sacred to me and when I reflect upon the rich years that we worked together I recognize that we created something grand, meaningful, potent, and transforming. As Helen Keller would say, we spoke the simple language of the heart.

Although it is too close and emotional to reflect upon our work at the present, I know that what we accomplished was no less than miraculous and will remain an important cultural symbol of what may transpire when people find the strength to explore life and art with honesty and connectedness. I look forward to writing about The Mode Theatre experience but can presently only offer you the acknowledgment that pounds in my heart and the quiet tears that fall when I replay the hundreds and hundreds of performances, art exhibitions, and memorial services to friends that we shared together. I remember telling myself that if we could make it happen in the cornfields, we could make it happen anywhere. The cornfields now surge with thousands of voices. Thank you.

Swan Song on April 25th and Illuminated Darkness-The Rare Gifts of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan on May 2, 9, and 16th will mark our final performances and we will squeeze in everyone that comes, even if it means sitting on the pillows from the upstairs bedrooms! By mid-run Helen Keller was fully with us and her presence fills us with awe. Come soak in a final thrill of wonderful art, great music, and an inspiring performance.

Andy and I are letting go of both of our buildings and most of our belongings (except our beloved gifts of art) so that we may begin our new adventure with a clean slate and a release from our past. If you have loaned the theatre anything that you would like to retain in Wisconsin, please let us know.

The Mode Theatre is 6,500 sq. ft. of living space and 900 sq. ft. of green space, with two full and three half bathrooms, five rooms for bedrooms or other uses, offices, and enough character and spirit to enable many lives to blossom. We hope we can sell the theatre to someone who would like all of our furniture and equipment, including flower arrangements and restaurant supplies. Please call us and we can explore together.

Old City Hall is three usable floors, each containing 3,300 sq. ft and would make an incredible home, business, group of businesses, or combination thereof. Andy has accomplished extensive work on the historic building and will be imaginative with all interested parties. Both buildings have exceptional character and a wide range of functions, from dwellings, churches, collaborative endeavors to businesses, not to mention theatre and the arts.

We do not know where we might land once we jump into the great Unknown, but we will begin our search around Las Cruces, New Mexico. Our eldest son, Thane, is finishing an outstanding freshman year at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and our second son, Anthony will be joining him in August. Last week Andy and I took Anthony to Luther for a visit and watched both boys in their new playing field of life. We are bursting with pride! Our youngest son, Drew, will adventure with us and the change of culture and climate will undoubtedly have him blossoming in accelerating and delightful ways.

It is essential to know when your work is done during any stage of development. We are confident that we have finished all that we came to do and that the circles have been closed. We depart with trust, release, and blessings for all that has been. Leaving with the only real things in life- the skills, resources, passions, feelings, memories, and consciousness of our selves, we thank you for being a part of our evolution.

May there always be diamonds at your feet.... Jinx Davis


Greetings to the most wonderful friends & patrons of The Mode Theatre. The memories of the last five years have been the most profound and exhilarating to date. Each season began with the graphic layout of a new flyer. Jinx & I would talk for hours regarding the last production, reflecting on the spontaneity and the direction of the next show. Jinx always amazed me as to how she could dip from a never ending sea of creativity. Jinx would title her production and we were off.

Soon opening night would appear and the doors opened to people anxiously waiting with smiles and open arms for hugs. After a brief exchange, I was privileged to witness a very unique occurrence take place. As we all meandered, stimulation took its hold and the child in all of us found safety to come out and play. Now we found ourselves partaking in the life long ritual of breaking bread, and so we did for the remainder of the evening. I can not think of a more honorable position than the one I had at The Mode Theatre. This is truly a direct reflection of all those who attended and that we had the privilege to meet.

As it is with every fine story, this too must come to a closure. My hope is that someone will rise to the occasion and declare the next era. Waterloo is in major transition with the projection of new shops, delis and store fronts complete with a future river walk. This town is holding its future in its mind's eye. As for Jinx & I, well, adventure awaits us! While the heaviness is clearly present, our future goals and vision are sparking new life and drama. You can be assured we will be remaining in touch. This is not an end but merely a transition to a new chapter.

We trust that if you are not able to make it to the remaining performances that you will join us on Saturday, May 23, 1998. It has been five years almost to the date of a wonderful time marked in our minds. We thank you for your great contribution towards The Mode Theatre.

Truly, Andy Pizer


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