Sarah's Spirits

An original comedy written and directed by John Sable

Something evil this way comes…

In 1884, after the deaths of her daughter and husband, Sarah Winchester was told of her family curse. The spirits of people killed by Winchester rifles were extracting revenge on the family that produced the weapon. Sarah believed she was next on the spirits’ list.

In an attempt to save herself, she moved to California and began construction on what would eventually become the most amazing piece of American architecture ever created. A wondrous and bizarre house took form. A house built to appease the vengeful spirits that wished to slay her. Once started, construction never ceased until Sarah’s death 38 years later.

Sarah communicated with good spirits nightly from midnight until 2am. These spirits gave her instructions regarding the next day’s construction efforts. Scribbling designs on napkins and tablecloths, Sarah built rooms inside rooms, staircases that led nowhere, secret passageways and more.

One could surmise that Sarah Winchester was crazy. Not only did she hire shifts of construction crews to work 24 hours a day on her house, she also hid her face from everyone she met. It was rumored that if any of her minimal staff ever saw her face, they’d be immediately dismissed. Yet, those that knew her best say that she was completely sane.

Even with Sarah being dead for 83 years, there are some that believe a curse still courses through the halls of “Llanda Villa”, Sarah’s mansion. The house has changed very little since Sarah’s time.

Something sinister is taking place at 525 Winchester Blvd. A storm is brewing. Tonight a stranger will arrive at the estate. Tonight an attempt will be made to end the curse forever. Tonight someone will die…

… And boy will it be funny.

Produced by Broom Street Theater at 1119 Willamson St

Performances: April 22 - May 29 (Friday - Sunday) at 8pm

Ticket Prices $7

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