Wait Until Dark

By Frederick Knott

Directed by Angela Morris

WAIT UNTIL DARK is a suspenseful and tense thriller. Artfully penned by Frederick Knott, the plot involves a sinister con-man and two ex-convicts who are about to meet their match. They have traced the location of a mysterious doll to the apartment of Sam Hendrix and his blind wife, Susy. Susy refuses to reveal the location of the doll, and with the help of a young neighbor, figures out she is the victim of a bizarre charade. Soon, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues between Susy and the con-men. Susy knows the only way to play fair is by her rules, so when darkness falls, she turns off all the lights, leaving everyone to maneuver in the dark.

Produced by Maranatha College at 745 W. Main St., Watertown, WI

Performances: April 10, 11, 12 nightly at 7pm. Also a matinee on the 12th at 2pm

Ticket Prices Adults- $7.50 Seniors and Children- $6.00

Call 920-206-2370 for reservations or more information.