The Tavern

By George M. Cohan. Adapted by Joe Hanreddy for the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre.

George M. Cohan's "The Tavern" - Our scene is set on a dark and extremely stormy night at a remote and ramshackle inn somewhere between Dodgeville and Madison. Several travelers seek refuge in the "Tavern" from the horrendous storm and a dangerous highwayman terrorizing the countryside: a charming and mysterious vagabond, an obsessed young woman on a dark mission, and the entourage of the governor of Wisconsin, the honorable Timmy Timkins, who has just fallen prey to the heinous robber and his gang. As the violent storm rages outside and frightening events unfold inside the tavern, the owner and his family try in vain to maintain order until the sheriff and his deputies arrive.

MTG is proud extremely proud to present Milwaukee Repertory Theatre's artistic director, Joe Hanreddy's adaptation of this Cohan classic. The former artistic director of the Madison Repertory Theatre, Hanreddy placed his adaptation of this melodramatic farce in Wisconsin during the late 1800s. It is full of mystery, danger, wind, thunder, lightening, gunfire and Wis-CON-sin accents. "The Tavern" played to sold out houses and received rave reviews during Milwaukee Rep's 1995-96 season.

Produced by Madison Theatre Guild at the Esquire Theater.

Performances October 8-23, 1999

October 8
8 pm
October 9
8 pm
October 14
7:30 pm
October 15
8 pm
October 16
4 and 8 pm
October 21
7:30 pm
October 22
8 pm
October 23
4 and 8 pm

Ticket prices are $12 and $11. Tickets will also be on sale at Hilldale shopping center at the information desk.

Call 238-9322 for information or reservations.


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