Gadzooks, Cinderella!

Or "It Ain't Shakespeare"

By John Schweitzer

Gadzooks! is an alternative -- almost an antidote -- to the traditional holiday shows. It is written -- if written is even the right word for such a fluid production -- in the style of a British pantomime. Essential elements of British pantomime include a leading lady played by a male, a leading boy played by a female, audience participation, song and dance, comedy routines dating back decades if not centuries, one or more supernatural characters, and a "skin" part, i.e., a person dressed as an animal. Those of you who saw Beanstalked! last year undoubtedly remember how Gertie thrilled audiences and absolutely captivated youngsters. The dancing cow will return this year as "Blueberry" in a fractured tale of Cinderella which will delight audiences of all ages.

Produced by Madison Theatre Guild at the Esquire Theater.

Performances December 3-18, 1999


December 3
8 pm
December 4
8 pm
December 9
7:30 pm
December 10
8 pm
December 11
4 and 8 pm
December 16
7:30 pm
December 17
8 pm
December 18
4 and 8 pm

Ticket are $12 adults, $11 students and seniors.

Call 238-9322 for information or reservations.