Generation to Generation

Directed by Lisa Andrea Thurrell

Kanopy Dance Company and its guests open this season's concert series with the theme for the season: Generation to Generation. The first in its 2000/2001 three concert series, this opening concert will be held at Music Hall, on the UW Campus, November 10 and 11 at 8 PM. The program celebrates choreographers and performers whose artistic experiences extend over nearly seven decades.

Included on the program are:

Hist Wist, choreographed by Liza Brown with spoken words by E. E. Cummings and music by Saint-Saens and Bizet

Birthday Dance by Ellen Moore, performed in silence by the choreographer and the Kanopy Dance Company

Gimme dat, Gimme dat ding…an old soft shoe with new charmers by choreographer, Vivian Tomlinson and dancers

Opening Heart by Kiro Kopulos in performance with Lisa Andrea Thurrell

Two new works (as yet untitled) by Lisa Andrea Thurrell, Artistic Director of Kanopy Dance Company and Robert Cleary, Associate Director. Thurrell's new work includes dancers from 8 to 76 years of age

Guest Dancers are Liza Brown, Kiro Kopulos, Joan Mills Maas, Susan Marsden, Ellen Moore and Vivian Tomlinson, with Ebru Aydar and Chris Palmer. Kanopy Dance Company Members include Christine Angevine, Heidi Bakken, Ann Christiansen, Robert E. Cleary, Jennifer Jet, Rachel Kravitz, Lisa Andrea Thurrell and Merritt Yandell-Ahmad, with John Beilecki. Students from the Kanopy School for Contemporary Dance and Choreography participating are: Liza Anderson, Ali Baker, Natalie Mc Fadden, Hannah Porst, Niabe Schmultz, Wolf Schmultz, Hayley White and Anna Young.

Among all the arts, dance performance requires the direct personal communication from one artist to another&emdash;choreographer to dancer as teacher to student. This production will feature older artists living and teaching in our community today who generously share their dance wisdom. These very accomplished artists are men and women with much to offer the general audience and the younger generation. Their new or reconstructed older works will be inspiring and entertaining. While acknowledging their achievements, this concert will be an eye opener and a delightful gift to young and old alike.

Tickets are $12 General Admission and $10 for Students and Seniors available at the door. Advance reservations are advised. For information call 255-2211.