Everything's Groovy

By Tim Kelly, Music & Lyrics by Bill Francoeur

Directed by Lisa Konoplisky

C'mon brothers and sisters! Everything's groovy! So join Travis, Muriel and Alice on their hip journey to bring together the "Music, Beads and Flowers Celebration." They call upon the popular singing group, The Lemon Bugs, who love the idea. When the message goes out that the bugs will donate their talent, crazily-painted busses start arriving at Crumb's Apple Farm, the site of the Festival. Everything is cool until Mrs. Porter, who hates "The Love Generation," arrives and demands that the local police shut down the happening. To make matters even worse, two music promoters offer the Lemon Bugs a deal they can't refuse if they will skip the celebration. Your audience will love the wildly funny characters like Hippie Girl With Flute, who thinks she's the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Beads, who gives "Love Beads" to all he meets and those hilarious talent managers, Stanley Kellogg and Jackie Pierce, who will do anything to get the Lemon Bugs to sign their contract. in the end, all comes together and the Music, Beads and flowers celebration rocks on.

Produced by CAMP MadCAP at East High School Auditorium, 2222 East Washington Ave

Performances: Friday, June 28, 2002, at 2 PM & 7 PM

Ticket Prices $6

Call 608.238-7641 for reservations or more information.