Attack of the Mini-Musicals

By Catherine Capellaro and Andrew Rohn

Andrew Rohn and Catherine Capellaro, the dynamic Madison writing team who were responsible for the smash musical "Temp Slave," have also contributed three brilliant mini-musicals to the first three editions of "Project: Blitzkrieg." And now, as a special fund-raiser for the Bartell Theatre, they're bringing those musicals back for a limited run at the Bartell, and adding a *brand-new* one to the mix.

"Attack of the Mini-Musicals" will run at the Bartell over the first two weekends in December. It will contain "Dogz N The Woodz" (written for the original "Project: Blitzkrieg"), "To Gild The Lily" ("Blitzkrieg 2: Electric Boogaloo"), and "American Cheese" ("Blitzkrieg 3-D"), as well as the new, original mini-musical "Title."

Each musical is unique, fast-paced, and energetic, in a way that only a musical written in the space of 12 hours can be! "Dogz," an intimate chamber musical, tells the story of two show dogs who take an unfortunate detour while en route to the Westminster Dog Show. "Lily" is an operatic historical epic about villainy, treachery, and gender dysphoria in ancient Rome. And "American Cheese" is a pageant-like spectacle telling the story behind the creation of - what else? - American cheese. All three are funny, sometimes touching, and eminently singable.

If you missed any of the three editions of "Blitzkrieg," now's your chance to see what you missed from Rohn and Capellaro. And if you DID see all three previous editions, you can't very well miss this one, now, can you?

Produced as a special fund-raiser for the Bartell Theatre on the Evjue stage. All proceeds for “ATTACK OF THE MINI-MUSICALS” will go into the Bartell’s drive to purchase the building and give the participating theater groups a permanent home. If you love your city’s community theater, THIS IS THE TIME to put your money where your mouth is. It’s do or die, guys. Show up for some entertainment and donate generously to this cause.

Performances: December 6-15, 2002

All performances will take place on the Evjue stage of the Bartell.

TICKETS: $20 recommended donation / $10 minimum

RESERVATIONS: 608-204-0280