Betty's Summer Vacation

By Christopher Durang

Directed by Matt Poulson

Betty's Summer Vacation is a recent play by Christopher Durang, best known for Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You (1980). Betty and her friend Trudy are young women who rent rooms at Mrs. Siezmagraff's cottage on the New Jersey shoreline for the summer. The vacation turns quickly into an adventure into the darker sides of all the summer renters at the house. Individuals clash when their private desires and fears erupt into violence, egged on by the cottage itself, which is alive and feeds on the entertainment provided by the renters and their obsessive and compulsive fantasies. Betty's Summer Vacation questions the role of reality-based entertainment, post-modernism, and the pursuit of pleasure without concern for others, in popular culture today.

Produced by Mercury Players in the Evjue Theatre at the Bartell

Performances: Oct. 25-Nov. 17, 2001

1st weekend:

2nd and 3rd weekend:

4th weekend