The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Based on the Newberry Award winning novel by Elizabeth George Speare Adapted by Y. York

Originally commissioned and produced by Seattle Children's Theatre

Directed by Patty Laine

The story of Kit Tyler who lived in 1687. When Kit's grandfather dies, she leaves their home in Barbados and travels by ship to live with her Aunt Rachel in Connecticut. Kit never imagined the difficulties that would come with trying to live in her Aunt's Puritan household. Kit finds sanctuary at Blackbird Pond where she befriends Hannah, a lonely old Quaker woman, and her cat. The Puritans regard Hannah as a witch and they are beginning to suspect that Kit must be a witch as well. Only her friendship with Nat, the son of the ship's Captain and Hannah make it possible for Kit to survive the witch hunt and the breathtaking witch trial.

Produced by MadCAP at Oakwood Village Auditorium, 6209 Mineral Point Road.

Performance dates/show times:

Tickets may be reserved in advance by calling MadCAP at 831-0744 or emailing to All tickets are $5.00, General Admission. Tickets will be available at the door.


Puppet Created for MadCAP Drama

MadCAP's production of The Witch of Blackbird Pond will include a life-like puppet character created especially for the production by Joan McCarthy. The actors are students in MadCAP's Theatre Arts School which provides a 'theatrical experience' for young people that is equivalent to a professional production. Students ages 10 to 16 work with professional theatre artists in rehearsal and production of the play. The puppet will be manipulated by Brittany Henshue, a student.

Joan McCarthy says "I've always wanted to create a puppet that would play a role in a dramatic stage production. I've been creating puppets and costumes in Madison for more than 12 years, but this is the first time that we've used a puppet as a character on the stage in a drama. This isn't a puppet show. This is a story about a witch hunt in 1687 - and the cat has a pivotal role. I think that this is something really special about MadCAP. Our artistic director, Patty Laine, is not afraid to try something that hasn't been done before in Madison."

The Staff

The Artistic Director, Patty Laine, has directed productions with MadCAP since 1995. MadCAP's staff also includes professional set designer, John Hemingway, lighting designer Eric Walker and puppeteer and costumer, Joan McCarthy.

The Cast

The cast includes many well-experienced young people. The role of Kit will be played by Katy Timmerman. Katy has performed with MadCAP for more than two years. Also in the cast are Emily Gilles, Joe Bruns, Brittany Henshue, Anna Scherpelz and Holly Zahn who were seen last year in MadCAP's production of A Little Princess. Bree Benson, Maggie Roach, Summer Leeper and Ali Ide have performed in other MadCAP plays. Several students are making their first appearance with MadCAP, including Annie Bruns in the role of Hannah. Other new students include Dina Sussman-Gaedke, Emily Lott and Michelle Krieg.

About MadCAP

MadCAP is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for young people to work with professional theatre artists in plays, musicals and original works. Students in MadCAP's Theatre Arts School develop their talents as well as grow socially and emotionally. Theatre is becoming more and more recognized as a valuable educational tool. MadCAP chooses works that reflect positive family values and attitudes about diversity.

MadCAP's studio is located in the Dudgeon Center for Community Programs, 3200 Monroe Street. For more information about future productions or summer CAMP, please call 831-0744.For more information, email MadCAP at or call 831-0744.