Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

By Frank McGuinness

Directed by Sara Freeman

The premise of Frank McGuinness' gripping hostage drama sounds like a bad joke: what happens when you put an Englishman, an Irishman, and an American in a room together? When the room is a cell in Beirut, and the men are captives held in an act of political terrorism, the only way out of the cruelty of the joke is to find in each other the glimmer of salvation. At first, Edward, an Irish journalist, Adam, an American doctor, and Michael, a British professor, are reluctant cellmates. They fight each other fiercely, believing that if they engage in psychological warfare with each other, they might avoid giving in to their captors. Only as their isolation from the outside world increases and their hope of ever being released diminishes, do they discover strength in caring for each other, even in the face of death.

Produced by Madison Theatre Guild at the Esquire Theater.

February 11
7:30 pm
February 12
8 pm
February 13
8 pm
February 18
7:30 pm
February 19
8 pm
February 20
4 pm and 8 pm
February 25
7:30 pm
February 26
8 pm
February 27
4 pm and 8 pm

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The cast

The cast features Patrick Fernan, director of the Guild's Fighting Bob: A Love Story, as Edward; Bill Bolz, Guild and Strollers regular, as Adam; and Lance Marsh, who has worked professionally at the Madison Rep, at APT and on TV, as Michael.

The director

Director Sara Freeman is working with the Guild for the first time. She is a doctoral student in theater at UW-Madison who recently assistant directed the university's production of Fefu and Her Friends. Sara is joined by Sarah Demming-Henes as a stage manager, John Kremm as producer, and Greg Silver as technical director and lighting designer. Greg Silver and Lee Waldhart will co-design the set.

The playwright

Author Frank McGuinness is a major contemporary Irish playwright and winner of the London Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Playwright. Though never a hostage himself, McGuinness' insightful portrait of the psychological terror of the experience earned the praise of Brian Keenan, a British citizen who was held hostage in Lebanon. Someone Who'll Watch Over Me is an intimate and challenging piece that will bring out the power of the talented cast and offer audiences a moving evening of entertainment and discovery.