Directed by Patty Laine

This January students from MadCAP will present Antigone, Sophocles' tragedy. The production is the culmination of a semester-long intensive workshop. Students in grades 5, 6 and 7 have worked with director, Patty Laine, to interpret, rehearse and perform this classical piece. The project is sponsored in part with a grant from the Madison CitiARTS Commission with additional support from the Wisconsin Arts Board.

Antigone is the story of a young woman whose brother, Polynices was killed in a battle over the throne of Thebes. Polynices' death leaves his Uncle Creon as the undisputed ruler. Creon declares Polynices a traitor and will not allow his body to be buried. He places guards over the corpse and allows it to be torn up by dogs and vultures. Antigone believed that Polynices' soul could not rest until his body was buried. Antigone must make a choice. Will she go along with the ruler's decree or stand up for what she believes is right? Can she do this even if doing what is right will come at great cost to her?

The role of Antigone is played by Jessica Steinbach, a seventh grade student from Spring Harbor Middle School. Other students include Katie Timmerman as Creon (the ruler of Thebes), Symone Adeyemo as his Haemon (his son), Abby Kneebone as Ismene (Antigone's sister), Jessica Robertson as the Chorus Leader, Ciara Adeyemo as Teiresias (a Seer) and Aubrey Hellenbrand as the guard.

Can words written more than 2500 years ago have meaning for today's young people? Aubrey Hellenbrand writes this about her experience in this project, "This is a fun opportunity yet challenging. We are faced with things such as high vocabulary, Greek names and large amount of memorization, but we can manage it. Our director, Patty Laine, keeps us going. We act in a comfortable space, each supporting each other."

Produced by MadCAP

Borders (east side) on Saturday, January 10 at 7 PM

Barnes and Noble (west side) on Monday, January 12 at 7 PM.

Oakwood Village Auditorium on Friday, January 16 at 7 PM, Saturday, January 17 at 2 PM.

All performances are free and open to the public.

Call Joan McCarthy at 251-8947 for information.