Our Town

By Thornton Wilder

Directed by Matthew Imhoff

A landmark in American drama, Thornton Wilders Pulitzer Prize-winning Our Town tells the story of a small town, Grovers Corners, New Hampshire, in order to tell us the story of every town, the whole world over. Narrated by the Stage Manager, we follow the Gibbs and Webb families, residents of Grovers Corners, through twelve years of life changes -- from the mundane in Act I, Daily Life, to the romantic in Act II, Love and Marriage, to the devastating in Act III, Death and Eternity. Through the young lovers Emily and George, their strong and loving parents, and the many other Grovers Corners locals, Wilder delivers universal truths about what it means to be human. Oh, earth, Emily Webb exclaims towards the plays end, youre too wonderful for anyone to realize you. With humor, wit, and exceptionally powerful storytelling, Our Town offers a unique opportunity for audience members to make precisely that realization.

Produced by Bower City Theatre Company at The Armory, 10 S High St Janesville WI

Performances: May 19-28, 2017

Performance Times:
Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30, Sunday matinee at 1:30. Buffet dinner served for one hour prior to show time

Ticket Prices: $25 show only or $49 for dinner and show

Call 608-741-7400 for reservations or more information.

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Bower City Theatre Company seeks submissions for a May 2017 production of Our Town by Thornton Wilder at The Armory. Directed by Matthew Imhoff and produced by Brett J. Frazier. Two weekends of performances May 19-28 (Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday matinees). First rehearsal in early to mid-April.

The roles of Stage Manager and Emily Webb have already been cast. All other roles open at this time. Please send email with resume and headshot or photo to brettjfrazier@gmail.com with the subject line "Our Town at The Armory" for immediate consideration.

A casting breakdown is listed below:

George Gibbs (Supporting) - Male, 16-28. Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs’s son. All-American boy, sincere, agreeable, polite, respectful, decent, and upstanding young man, but not very good at book and school learning. A loving person - but not very good at expressing those emotions - and perfectly happy to stay on the farm.

Dr. Gibbs (Supporting) - Male, 45-50. George’s father and the town doctor. Loving father, kind husband, content, server, well liked, knowledgeable, mindful. Civil War expert, knows just about everything about everybody in town.

Mrs. Gibbs (Supporting) - Female, 40-50. Enduring, justly and appropriate, calm, appreciative and caring mother to her children and wife to Dr. Gibbs. Although content in Grover’s Corners, she still desires to see Paris. Suggests the importance of seizing the opportunities life presents, rather than waiting for things to happen.

Mr. Webb (Supporting) - Male, 45-55. Emily’s loving father and a caring husband. The publisher and editor of the local paper, the Grover’s Corners Sentinel. Good sense of humor. Kindly, demonstrative and sympathetic. Reports to the audience in Act I which is both informative and interactive. Has a well-informed interest in Napoleon.

Mrs. Webb (Supporting) - Female, 35-50. Emily’s mother and Mr. Webb’s wife. No nonsense kind of person - innocent, caring, a little coarse-around-the-edges, somewhat anxious, hardworking and tolerant.

Mrs. Soames (Supporting) - Female, 30-50. One of the few townspeople we meet outside of the Webb and Gibbs families. Offers a sense of the interrelated nature of the lives of the citizens of Grover’s Corners. Gossipy, a chatterbox, a bit small-minded but a curious woman who sings in the choir, along with Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Gibbs.

Simon Stimson (Supporting) - Male, 40-65. Choirmaster/organist of the church whose alcoholism and undisclosed “troubles” have been the subject of gossip in Grover’s Corners for quite some time. Unhappy, down trodden, embittered and oftentimes disparaging.

Rebecca Gibbs (Supporting) - Female, 14-21. George’s younger sister. Contrary, competitive, daring, immature and a motivated dreamer.

Wally Webb (Supporting) - Male, 10-18. Emily’s younger brother. Turns up in Act III among the group of dead souls, his untimely death underscores the brief and fleeting nature of life. Stubborn, self-interested, and a lovable young boy.

Howie Newsome (Supporting) - Male, 30-50. Local milkman, good-natured, chatty, friendly and divulges the local gossip. Reappearance during every morning scene highlights the continuity of life in Grover’s Corners and in the general human experience.

Joe Crowell, Jr. (Supporting) - Male, 12-18. The paperboy, sharp-witted, opinionated, and upbeat.

Si Crowell (Supporting) - Male, 12-18. Joe's younger brother. Also a paperboy.

Professor Willard (Supporting) - Male, 35-65. Professor at the State University who gives the audience a statistical report on Grover’s Corners. Animated, enthusiastic, jovial and gregarious.

Constable Warren (Supporting) - Male, 30-65. Policeman with little crime to fight or right. Parental, protective, watchful, and favored.

Sam Craig (Supporting) - Male, 20-30. Emily Webb’s cousin, left Grover’s Corners to travel west, but returns for her funeral in Act III. An outsider, experienced and worldly.

Joe Stoddard (Supporting) - Male, 30-80. Town undertaker, reclusive watcher, and town chronicler.

Ensemble (Chorus/Ensemble) - Males & Females, 30-65. Roles including; Woman in Balcony; Man in Balcony; Lady in Box and Three Baseball Players.