Her Dream, a Pen, and a Book

By Morganna Grim

Directed by Morganna Grim, with original music composed and performed by Baltimore Krahn, and choreography by Loryn Jonelis

"Let's start where it's simplest to look: with a girl, her Dream, a pen, and a book."

Welcome to Cape Cache, a village cursed centuries ago to remain apathetic and complacent against the trials and joys of the world. Along with this infliction came the mysterious Dreams, guardians from another world to inspire children as they grow up. With their guidance, everything should be in order - but the scales are tipped when families reject the Dreams, and the solemn Corvid swoops in to steal them away. Catry of Cache and Todd the Dream set out to reunite a lost pair in a whimsical fantasy tale of goodwill, hope, and sacrifice.

Produced by Broom Street Theater at Broom Street Theater, 1119 Williamson Street, Madison

Performances: July 7-29, 2017

Performance Times:
Starting July 7th, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in July at 8pm. Possible Sunday matinees, check facebook page for more information.

Ticket Prices: $11

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Auditions will be held on the following days:


Broom Street Theater in Madison, WI seeks actors for its June/July show, "Her Dream, A Pen, and a Book," a whimsical movement and dance piece.

Open auditions:
Sunday, April 2nd 4-8pm
Monday, April 3rd 6-9pm

Invitation only callbacks:
Tuesday, April 4th 6-9pm

Rehearsals begin May 21st.
Her Dream, a Pen, and a Book runs from July 7th through July 29th.

Please contact Morganna on facebook or at morgannagrim@gmail.com with any questions or to set up an alternative audition time.

Auditions will consist of cold readings and movement and improvisation exercises. Please be dressed to move.

This is a family friendly show and young actors ages 10 and up are encouraged to audition. Every role has frequent movement or dancing unless otherwise specified. The music will be played live, but there is no singing involved.

Musicians: please bring your chosen instruments if possible to the first audition. You will definitely be asked to bring them to callbacks. The musical roles may be filled between now and the audition dates, please email ahead of time if you like.


Catry - A kind and well-put-together librarian. A soft touch, but a strong and passionate heart. A woman aged anywhere from 25-50.

Todd - Catry’s beloved Dream. Wise beyond apparent years, charming, compassionate. *This role is filled.*

Oliver - A cynical, lost, begrudging accountant. A hard shell hiding a loving, gentle core. A man aged 35 or older.

Chuck - Oliver’s abandoned Dream. Childlike, exuberant, and full of hope, against all odds. This role is cast gender-blind, though this character has she/her/hers pronouns. Aged 16-30.

The Corvid - The dark, crow-like creature which sustains the curse of complacency on the city. A mute, lonely entity. Usually accompanied by the Flock, his family of converted, dark Dreams. This role is cast gender-blind, though this character has he/him/his pronouns. Any age 16+.

The Storyteller - The musical narrator. *This role is filled.*

The Assistant - The musical, wise, dancing Dream to the Storyteller. Mute. ****This role requires skill in a musical instrument: preferably guitar, ukulele, mandolin, anything “pluckable”, or possibly percussion/drumming.**** This role is cast gender-blind, though this character has she/her/hers pronouns. Any age 16+.

The Bookkeeper - A supervisor of the Reverie. Minimal dancing, if any. ****This role requires skill in a musical instrument: preferably percussion/drumming, could also be guitar, ukulele, mandolin, anything “pluckable”.**** This role is cast gender-blind. Any age 16+.

The child Catry - The above mentioned Catry, aged 10-12. This actress will also play other children throughout the show.

The child Oliver - The above mentioned Oliver, aged 10-15. This actor will also play other children throughout the show.

The Ensemble - Including Dreams, members of the Flock, parents, villagers, and minor speaking roles. Any age 16+, possibly younger depending.